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Family Lawyer In Brazil Indiana


Charles Hear your local Brazil and surrounding communities Family Lawyer understands the unique dynamics that is involved in Family Cases. Our family lawyer is dedicated to helping each of his clients achieve a resolution to this difficult legal issue.


Our Brazil Indiana Family Lawyer performs a wide range of legal services for Family Law such as:

  • Child Support

  • Child Custody

  • Adoption

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Orders,

  • Paternity

  • Grandparents Rights

  • Legal Guardianship

  • So much more



  • Initial consultation is free. 

  • Ensure that you are informed of all relevant Indiana law related to your family case including your rights, and your legal options.

  • He will review the jurisdiction for your family matter to ensure that your case is being filed in the proper county. 

  • Handle the court filings, which includes the initial legal documents and any necessary responses. 

  • Guide you through the necessary legal process and help you make sure you know what happens at each step and the possible outcomes. 

  • He will fight for you by representing you in court.


This local Brazil and surrounding counties Family Law attorney is here for you through this difficult family time. Our first initial consultation is free so call today to schedule. 812-442-5999

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Family and Divorce Lawyer in Brazil

It can be overwhelming to deal with a divorce in Indiana or any legal matter pertaining to your family. Rarely do individuals know where to turn or what to anticipate. You may think, “I need a divorce lawyer near me.” At The Law Office of Charles Hear, we provide skilled and compassionate legal representation for families in the Brazil Indiana area, and we can do the same for you.

Charles Hear, the firm's lead attorney, is a seasoned family lawyer and divorce attorney in Brazil, Indiana. He specializes in divorce and other complex family law issues, ensuring that you receive the kind of informed and targeted counsel you require. This encompasses providing resolute advocacy for the complicated and frequently delicate matters that may emerge throughout a divorce proceeding, including but not limited to property division, child custody and visitation, alimony, child support, and spousal support. We also provide you with a practical comprehension of the court systems in Brazil, allowing you to predict the course of your divorce proceeding.

Divorce in Indiana undoubtedly presents a multitude of challenging subjects, regardless of whether one wishes to review their legal rights with regard to an established support or custody agreement or is uncertain about the future of their marriage or whether their relationship has ended amicably. An attorney from The Law Office of Charles Hear is ready to serve as your guide, respond to your inquiries, and advocate for the outcomes that are in your family's best interest when the time comes.

The decisions you make early on could impact your long-term financial future or how often you see your children. With the assistance of a seasoned Brazil, Indiana divorce attorney, you can attain the necessary reassurance and be well-informed regarding the subsequent courses of action. Contact us today at 812-442-5999, or submit a request online to schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.


The Dependable Family Law Firm

If you are pursuing a divorce in Brazil or Terre Haute and the surround areas or any other serious family law issue, a domestic case inherently means sharing very personal information with an attorney about your relationships, your finances, your home, and other intimate details that may affect your case. This is a significant obstacle for many families, and you should have an attorney who is familiar with you and shares your aspirations.

Charles Hear, an attorney from Brazil, possesses extensive experience as a divorce counsel in Indiana and also specializes in all aspects of family law. Attorney Hear is sensitive to your situation and the matters that are most vital to you and your family. He listens with an open mind. After becoming informed of the pertinent details and your goals, Attorney Hear will relentlessly strive to advocate for your best interests and facilitate your path to success.

We are committed to assisting families and strive to provide comprehensive support throughout the legal procedure. Whether you are going through a divorce, adopting a child to grow your family, or modifying a custody or support agreement, you should consult with a reputable family attorney in Terre Haute and Brazil.

Brazil Divorce Attorney

Even in peaceful dissolutions, the process of dissolving a marriage can be extraordinarily complicated. There are numerous problems to address and inquiries to respond to. Who shall acquire the house? Who is eligible to receive alimony? Must someone bear responsibility? Who is responsible for the joint credit card balance? When is the filing age for divorce?

It is crucial to retain the services of an accomplished Indiana divorce attorney who can provide answers to these inquiries and address your concerns through negotiation or litigation in family court. We recognize the seriousness of the situation surrounding your divorce. A divorce attorney from The Law Office of Charles Hear will safeguard your interests and ensure your future, regardless of whether you anticipate a contentious divorce or prefer a collaborative approach.

Varieties of Divorce We Manage

Charles Hear's Law Office handles all matters pertaining to legal separation, including divorce and annulments. If your spouse agrees with the terms of child custody, property division, alimony, and other issues, we can file an uncontested divorce. However, if you are facing a contested divorce that may require a fight, we can be there for that too. Divorce in the armed forces can be complicated, necessitating consideration of filing time and location. Charles Hear, an attorney, is able to provide counsel for any sort of separation.


Divorce Petition Filing in Indiana

Divorce petitions in Indiana require the completion of numerous legal documents and their subsequent filing in the appropriate courts. Attorney Hear is well-versed in the divorce proceedings of the counties Parke County, Vigo County, and Clay County, which border Brazil and Terre Haute.

We shall assess the merits of your divorce petition and ascertain whether you ought to initiate a no-fault divorce proceeding or a fault-based claim. 

Once your complaint has been lodged, the documents must be served upon your spouse. They will subsequently be provided with a chance to provide a response. Working with a divorce attorney will assist you in navigating the complex negotiations, forms, and rigorous deadlines that will be involved in the divorce procedure.

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